Based in New Milton, UTWS have been a staple in the modding community. Providing customers with car colour wraps and window tinting.


Recently changing hands, Jason the new owner wanted to invest in marketing UTWS. Happy managing the social media by himself, he wanted help in building content.


Doing a great job already their content just needed a more professional and experimental touch to help them stand out from the crowd.


We decided what needed to be done was show how much effort goes into wrapping a car. We filmed the process start to finish. Going forward we have created multiple video and photo sets of the finished product.

Services provided:

Commercial photography

Commercial video production


With our first video launched we saw over 6 thousand unique views and multiple shares across the social platforms making it their biggest social success in the companies history.


Combing design and photography to create unique advertising packages which incorporate other local companies: HALO - BOURNEMOUTH | CARBONWORKS | WAXISDEAD | SKEPPLE | R SYMONS

Audi R8 Carbon Works WAXISDEAD
Tesla Model S R Symons
Halo Bournemouth
Audi RS6 Skepple Design
Tesla Model 3 R Symons