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Updating The Classic Connection website

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

We have been working with The Classic Connection in Burley since 2017, managing their social media and delivering content for their marketing. Since 2017 we have been asking to improve their website and finally in 2021, Charlie said yes!

So why were we so desperate to update it and why did it take this long to get it?

We love The Classic Connection. It is a throwback to yesteryear and the golden age of motoring. When cars were analogue, coach built and exceptionally unique. When their website was first built it reflected a non-golden time of website design. Using static text images, not built for mobile and hard to update. Since moving from Ringwood to Burley, this website no longer reflects how the business has changed and due to the previous website developer no longer being in business it is impossible to update. However, the classifieds side of the website still worked and therefore the website still worked for the Classic Connections needs.

With websites like Collecting Cars popping up in 2020 and their competitors improving their sites, Charlie had to concede that not everything old is golden and updating to a more modern user experience was the way forward.

What needs improving?

Some aspects of the website work, others really do not. The main issue we needed to combat was the fact it represented a business which no longer existed. The Classic Connection has now amalgamated with Dawson Engineering in Burley which offers sales and specialist services on one side and general mechanics, mots and now fuel on the other. The old website doesn’t represent this.

Over the years we have taken quite a lot of images and videos which we cannot update on to the old website. Therefore, customers who aren’t on social media are missing out on the changes and being regularly updated.

The biggest problem for Charlie and The Classic Connection team is being able to manage and update the website. Currently they can’t! Whatever we do, it needs to be user friendly.

Finally, it needs to be mobile friendly. Currently it is not. You can tell that the original template is not built for responsive use.

Changes Made

To start with we incorporated the Classic Connection Martini racing theme through the entire website using The Classic Connections font and brand identity. We also updated all of the images to reflect how the businesses look now.

Next we built out their pages and incorporated new services, team pages and additional history around the business. This will help with SEO and it also updates customers who are not on social media.

We have also incorporated social media feeds to make sure updates are always fresh and going forward we will be adding more blogs.

The Classic Connections website ranks very well despite poor SEO signals. This is due to their backlinks. However, there are literally 100’s of dead pages through the site. There is no point of rebuilding them, but they do rank. To combat this, we combined likewise topics into blogs and applied 301 redirects. From launch their will be a small drop in rankings but over time Google will heal itself and rank higher as the website is more efficient and user friendly.

Once this was all done we made sure it worked for mobile and tablet devices.

Charlie and the team now have a secure, easy to use and easy to update website which perfectly represents their business and will see them fit in to the future.

Looking to update your website? Contact the team today on 01202 287088

New website launching Feb 2021

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