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How much does a website cost to design, develop and SEO?

How much does a "basic" website cost?

How much does a website designed, developed, optimised for search, ready for mobile use, easy to edit yourself with a blog by web development professionals cost…. How does £350 inc VAT sound?


We are proud to offer a 4-page portfolio website with blog for just £350*

This includes:


And for all website customers, our advanced SEO package worth £299 inc VAT on its own… included!

*Does not include Domain or Hosting.

small business website

Why choose us as your web design company?

We are a Dorset SEO & Web company who are dedicated to small and medium sized businesses.

  • Professionally designed and developed websites

  • Responsive design ready for mobile and tablet

  • Easy to update and hosted on a secure server

  • E commerce ready

  • Professional SEO - Technical, Fundamental and Local

  • Build your website faster with SEO campaigns, online marketing and PPC campaigns

How much will a website cost for my business?

No website is “standard”. Each one has its own personal needs and requirements and trying to provide a ballpark figure can be difficult. From previous experience, this is what we believe to be an average cost for websites of this nature.

Starter portfolio website

For someone who is still developing their business. Helps build an online presence as you are getting started.

  • 4 web pages + blog = £350 inc VAT

Starter Portfolio Structure.png

Small to medium sized business website

For businesses which offer a local service and have previous work to show off

  • 15 web pages + blog = £1,200 inc VAT

Small To Medium Sized Business Website S

Medium to large business website

For businesses which offer multiple services and are trying to target different regions and areas.

  • 40 web pages + blog = £3,800 inc VAT

Medium to Large Sized Business Website S

Ecommerce website

Open your business for online sales. Ecommerce online shop which is fully secured and can take payment.

  • 20 web page, blog and shop (50 products) = £7,000 inc VAT


All websites require hosting and domain and on much larger websites, ongoing SEO work is required. As an SEO company, we are able to provide this as an in-house service.

ecommerce structure.png


And Domains


Our websites are hosted on a super secure server with encryption and routine back ups. Connecting of your personal domain is included. 

Hosting from £8 per month*

*require a Blades Media website to qualify

hosting and domains.png
How do we offer websites for a low price?


We are not going to sit here and knock any other company; we all have our place in the world, and we all do things differently. When looking for a website you will be greeted with generally two companies. One which wants to build you a custom, ground up website on your own personal CMS Web Design Software starting at £1200 and another which will offer a cheaper version using WordPress.


Custom coded websites are amazing to have however, they can be very temperamental and difficult to do anything on and generally require an expert at £100 an hour to edit. The price is justified, but unless you need it, it is over kill.


WordPress websites tend to be the most popular entry level sites. For a long time, they offered coding functionality with a CMS and plugins galore! Most WordPress websites are copy and paste (which Google does not like) and you must host them yourself. This means that if the server goes down, your website does. If your server is hacked, so is your website. WordPress websites have many positives, but they do have their negatives!


For our websites we use Wix. Many people will knock Wix as when it first started it had limited functionality… nowadays though it is a bit of an animal! Wix makes websites easy and producing high quality websites with professional SEO, quick! This means we can spend more time on design and SEO and let Wix handle the code. We would rather know you will search well, and our website works the way it is meant to rather than charging you more to say your website is “custom”. We believe in it so much; our website is made on Wix!

SEO Experts

Blades Media are an SEO company, which means we can keep our SEO in house and lower your budget. We offer advanced SEO packages with all our new build websites. This starts at £299 (price varies on website size). We include it with every new website to ensure your website gets off on the right foot. For what we lose now, we hope to grow with you later on.


Bespoke functionality

Wix is great and custom plug-ins are almost here, but if your business needs bespoke functionality then you will require a full stack website with custom HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more. Blades Media can handle this for you. Start a conversation with one of our team today 01202 287088

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Case Study

Can I see some local examples of websites you have built? Absolutely!

Being local to Poole and Bournemouth we helped many small businesses with web design and web development.


Tails & Trails Poole

Industry: Dog Walking

Used For: Online Presence and Lead Generation

Tails and Trails Poole is our latest website build. Laura needed a simple website to give her business an online presence. We included an about us page, locations page, testimonials and even a blog!


First Choice Detailing

Industry: Automotive

Used For: Online Presence and Lead Generation

First choice Detailing of Bournemouth, Christchurch had a very dated website built on an early WordPress engine....


Emblem Sports Cars

Industry: Automotive

Used For: Online Presence and Lead Generation

Emblem Sports Cars of Poole originally had their website designed by a web designer. It looked great but functioned poorly. We fixed it...


Colchester & Essex Child Counselling

Industry: Child Counselling

Used For: Online Presence and Lead Generation

Built in 6 days and launch with a SEMrush site score of 96%.




Industry: Commercial Fit Out

Used For: Online Presence and Lead Generation

Re-skinned and ready for more advanced SEO techniques.


RP Plumbing

& Heating LTD

Industry: Tradesman

Used For: Online Presence and Lead Generation

Re-skinned and ready for more advanced SEO techniques.

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