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What is Responsive Web Design?

Is your website mobile ready?

In the early days of the internet you had Hyper Text Markup Language otherwise known as HTML. HTML is the code websites are built on. At the time it was considerably basic and not much could be done with it. Along came Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript, this brought in style and structure to websites and for years was fine. Then came the mobile shift. As more people started viewing websites on mobile, these desktop websites would not load properly, and this spawned the m. mobile website trend. The downside to this was you were effectively making 2 versions of your website.


This concept worked for a while however, this was exceptionally impractical and as screens got bigger, slimmer, wider, taller and touch screens became more responsive. How do you solve this problem? Say hello to Responsive Web Design!

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Using a code called “boot strap” a websites pages are broken up into columns and rows. You can have unlimited rows but only 12 columns. By placing your content correctly inside this layout, as the page scales down the code will adjust and correctly display your website for any screen size.


Rows can be any height and are unlimited. A row starts as a <div> tag and has a class tag applied to look like this <div class="row">. Inside this you will place your columns as this will let the code know that this row is different to the ones above and below and responds differently.


Next are your columns. The columns class can be used up to 12 times to make 12 columns.


You can use 1-12 times providing the sum always equals 12. For example,


<div class="column-12"> This column will fit the whole row as it's 12 wide

<div class="column-4">  <div class="column-8"> Here we have 2 columns, 4 wide and 8 wide to make 12


What if it doesn't equal 12?

<div class="column-6">  <div class="column-7"> The total columns now equal 13 (6+7). By doing this your website will have unexpected results depending on the text, video and widgets inside this code.  


Why is responsive web design important?

Google now takes a mobile first response and devalues websites which aren't built for mobile. This means your website rank goes down and so does the potential of your income! Therefore having a website which responds properly to screen size is more important than a fancy website and to an extent, SEO!


Are your websites built mobile ready?

All of our websites have been perfectly designed to work on mobile, tablet and desktop. 


How much does a mobile ready website cost?

We offer responsive websites with 4 pages, blog and SEO from £350 inc VAT

Websites For Small Business.png

£350inc VAT

Domain and hosting separate

Case Study

Can I see some local examples of websites you have built? Absolutely!

Being local to Poole and Bournemouth we helped many small businesses with web design and web development.


Tails & Trails Poole

Industry: Dog Walking

Used For: Online Presence and Lead Generation

Tails and Trails Poole is our latest website build. Laura needed a simple website to give her business an online presence. We included an about us page, locations page, testimonials and even a blog!


First Choice Detailing

Industry: Automotive

Used For: Online Presence and Lead Generation

First choice Detailing of Bournemouth, Christchurch had a very dated website built on an early WordPress engine....


Emblem Sports Cars

Industry: Automotive

Used For: Online Presence and Lead Generation

Emblem Sports Cars of Poole originally had their website designed by a web designer. It looked great but functioned poorly. We fixed it...


Colchester & Essex Child Counselling

Industry: Child Counselling

Used For: Online Presence and Lead Generation

Built in 6 days and launch with a SEMrush site score of 96%.




Industry: Commercial Fit Out

Used For: Online Presence and Lead Generation

Re-skinned and ready for more advanced SEO techniques.


RP Plumbing

& Heating LTD

Industry: Tradesman

Used For: Online Presence and Lead Generation

Re-skinned and ready for more advanced SEO techniques.

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