Blades Media have proudly Supported The Concorde Classics for 5+ years, providing this noble cause with photography, video and social media services to help share this event and get recognised by more people.

Blades Media

Supporting Concorde Classics Car Show

Welcome to official Concorde Classics Gallery, hosted by Blades Media. For 5+ years now we have been covering this noble event, providing photographic services to help get more people to rally around this noble cause. To help this charity grow we provide our services free of charge so that all proceeds can be spent where they are desperately needed, on the children.


On this page you will find previous Car Of The Show Winners and our favorite images from across the years. We would really appreciate your support by liking and following us on Facebook and Instagram.

Car Of The Show Winners

Concorde Classics Car Show - 2019
Concorde Classics Car Show - 2018
Concorde Classics Car Show - 2017
Concorde Classics Car Show - 2015
Concorde Classics Car Show - 2013

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