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Estate Agent Photography

Bournemouth's Creative Agency

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Covering home and properties across Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch. 
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Save Time, Increase Leads and Up Your Property Game With a Professional Property Photographer

In the lettings and sales market your endgame is to close the deal. All the parts in the lead up to that, photos, floor plans, descriptions and so forth are vital to standing out from the crowd and getting people through the door but are extremely time consuming. We offer a professional service for agents which alleviates time keeping agents on the phones, at the doors and in the office for longer and it provides your business with a professional product which is proven to get more views on right move and overall increase the chance of completing


We have worked with many agents across Dorset. Some on a case by case basis, others on a monthly rolling but each one has seen the benefit to outsourcing their photography and with over 200 properties to our name we have a keen eye for it.


Professional Real Estate Photography

Available Monday - Saturday

(minimum 3 day Notice)

20+ High quality wide angle lens images from multiple angles


Includes all Bedrooms, Living Rooms and Spaces, Kitchens, Bathrooms and Exterior.

All professionally edited including sky swaps

Same day delivery via a download link

From £80

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Airbnb and Holiday Rentals Photography

Available Monday - Saturday

(minimum 3 day Notice)

50+ High quality wide angle lens images from multiple angles


Marketing support and room preparation

All professionally edited including sky swaps

Same day delivery via a download link

From POA

Virtual Property Tours

Available Monday - Saturday

(minimum 5 day Notice)

4K Filming with steady cam


Includes all Bedrooms, Living Rooms and Spaces, Kitchens, Bathrooms and Exterior.

Professionally edited with music

Ready for YouTube, email and right move.

From £180


Property Floor Plans

Available Monday - Saturday

(minimum 3 day Notice)


High Resolution Floor Plan


All floors covered

Simple layouts or complex layouts

Same day delivery via a download link

From £60

We've Photographed

Over 200 Properties

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Wide Angle and Professionally Lit

Sell homes and properties online

We invest in the best equipment to ensure your property photos stand out from the rest on Zoopla and RightMove. This includes the use of a low distortion wide angle lens to capture every corner of the room and studio quality lighting to lighten dark rooms and provide the best quality images.


Digital Editing

Photo editing and image enhancement

Digital Sky Swaps

Colour Enhancement

Exposure Layering

Object Removal

Logo Overlays

Included In All Property Photography

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and Commercial

Sell homes and properties online

Are you a home owner trying to sell privately through Purple Bricks? Stand out from the crowd! Or do you own or manage a commercial property and require professional architectural photography?

From HMO's To

Luxury Listings

We don't mean to brag, however with over 200 properties under our belt we know a thing or two about how to professionally photograph your home to help sell properties to potential buyers. We've worked on luxury listings to HMO's, highlighting these properties to their fullest. Agents who have used us have seen improved interaction on Right Move.

Commonly Asked Questions

How many photos do you deliver?

We aim to deliver 20+ images. This will include multiple shots of the same room to provide you with the ability to refresh your ad. We will also include lifestyle photos as you are not just selling 4 walls, you are selling a home. All photos include editing to provide even lighting, improved colours and skyswaps for those gloomy days!

Do you provide photography and video tours for Purple Bricks?

We do not directly work with Purple Bricks. If you are selling through Purple Bricks or likewise, we do offer our services to private sellers. We have worked with many homeowners who have not been happy with the images they have received or do not have the ability to photograph their own home.

Do you offer Matterporte or 3D room scanning?

Currently no. Personally we feel it does not sell a property in the best light and takes away from the soul of a home. It may sound strange, but home buyers are looking to live somewhere not just a space. In our photos and videos we aim to capture that.

Do you offer drone photography and video?

We do! Using drones requires planning and is weather dependent. It is something we recommend discussing during our initial phone calls.

Do you offer floor plans?

We do now offer floor plans. These can be booked with a photo shoot, video tour or independently. 

Your videos tours are more expensive than others?

Compared to others we may appear more expensive, but this is because of the value we bring to our tours. Rather than a 60 second video with generic music or just an image slideshow. We use professional video equipment to bring your home to life. Walking your property as a prospective buyer and highlighting the parts of your home which will sell and combine it into a professionally edited video with professional quality music and graphic overlays. We invest in your property so you can get your maximum return.

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