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Blades Media have helped many charities including Naomi’s house and Jacks Place.  We have helped with photography and video on the day, social media management and advertising on the build up and even design work. See how we could help you spread the good word further.

Local Charities We Work With


Photos make your business stand out, fact. Having top quality images will make a client decide instantly whether or not they will use your company. As a business you can invest in good equipment, spend time learning how to take the perfect photo, work with the lighting and finally place it into photoshop to give it that wow factor!... or you can out source it to us. Make your day more efficient and entice more customers. 


Give your customers a deeper insight into what you do or what you are offering. As the internet gets faster and video equipment becomes more affordable, using video to promote your business is the next step in successful advertising. Videos are a great way to introduce your team or facilities, provide a walk through of your services or to give an upgraded customer experience of a product.  

Social Media

There is a running theme among people in the trade, that the old methods work the best. We are here to tell you that is not true! Having out dated or template websites don't cut the mustard like they use to! Nowadays you will find you have more engaged and savvy shoppers who will use Checkatrade and Facebook to find their tradesmen. Using Google search they will have unlimited resource to check your business out and make an informed decision as to whether you are the tradesmen for them. We have helped many companies out who deal with the high end and the low end. We have built rapport with their existing customers and gained new ones whilst carving their reputation in stone. 

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