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Lamps + Amps

Lamps + Amps are a local lighting contractor who add the wow factor to properties. We recently teamed up with them to film their latest project. 

Turning On the Lights with

Lamps + Amps


Lamps + Amps are a local lighting contractor who are not your typical “sparky”. Unlike their counterparts, the team at Lamps + Amps specialise in jaw dropping wow factors delivered through precision lighting control and placement. After finishing a local property that really gave the wow factor, Joe and the team decided they wanted a video to showcase their hard work and contacted Blades Media.

Lit patio
light panted plants

The Brief


We met Joe at the client’s property where we were shown the system fully working and its capabilities. The team wanted us to capture a few key points for the view which included:


Use of the Pharos System

Use of the Philips Hue System

iPad Control

Light reflection and shadowing

Seamless fitting and inserts

Initial Idea


After walking the property and seeing the system in action we came up with the idea of showing how the lights integrated with the home and how they were not just a fancy system but more an integral part of the property. The first iteration of the idea would show the homeowner enjoying their evening with friends and how the night progresses focusing on the different control, light features and scenarios. Regrettably due to circumstances out of our control this idea was cancelled.  

Pizza Oven
Lamps and Amps

Thinking on the Fly


With a day to go before the shoot and the original idea now cancelled, we needed to think quick. As owner of the company we decided that Joe should feature in the video showing how the system works. Adopting a non-speaking role, we positioned Joe in front of the lens where he acted perfectly. With Joe taking center stage this brought back the close personal feel which would have been lost from the original idea.

Equipment & Production Time


From start to finish the process took 5 days which included the initial meeting, story boarding, re-write, filming and editing. On the night we used a Nikon D500, Slider and Gimbal. This smaller setup made us nimbler on the banked garden sections and meant less disruption for the owner.

For the footage we used custom colour grading, a royalty free track and a custom-built logo string to finalize the video and brand it. This was all included in the client’s budget.

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