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R Symons offer electric cars from Tesla, BMW, Vauxhall and other well known brands. They currently have the largest supply of second hand Teslas, more than Tesla themselves! 


R Symons wanted to help bring the wow factor to their business by venturing into video production. After seeing our sales videos for Emblem Sports Cars, they called upon us to help. In their video they wanted to capture the spirit of their business and the experience their customers would get. They also wanted a brief overview of their two best selling models, Tesla Model S and Model X.


After listening to their needs we agreed on 3 videos. The first would be to show the customer experience and a video each for their best selling Tesla models. To keep disruption down we would film all three videos in one day using a 2 man crew.


Over 3 days we were able to plan and execute the videos. Damian filmed both Tesla models at a separate site using a DSLR and slider whilst Peter used a gimbal and camera setup, keeping him slim-lined and nimble between the cars. Damian joined peter for the later part of the day to shoot the office and hand over scenes. The videos were edited over 2 weeks including music and colour grading. 

Services Provided

Professional Video Production

Video Editing

Logo String Animation

R Symons - Welcome Video
R Symons - Tesla Model X
R Symons - Tesla Model S

Logo String

After these initial videos were made R Symons wanted to produce their own social media videos. To help stand out from the crowd they asked us to produce them an animated logo. Using after effects we designed them a "Tesla Coil" logo animation which represented their core product and brand. 

Batt Pack

We have been working with UTWS and Rsymons to develop their Batt Pack service. Batt Pack is a dealer-based modification which removed the chrome on the car, which there is a lot of! And changed the colour of the brakes from silver to any colour the customer wanted.


This model 3 belonged to Richard Symons of Rsymons and was the first Model 3 in the UK outside of dealership models. UTWS then applied satin black vinyl wrap to the chrome, tinted the windows and added Tesla decals to the brakes. These images were used in advertising on social media and printed roll banners.

Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model 3
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