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What is Content Marketing?

Traditional marketing otherwise known as direct marketing, is based on targeting customers through marketing campaigns. You will commonly see this in the form of paper ads, radio ads, PPC and TV adverts. These methods have proven very effective and is now a billion pound industry. As our technology grows, the ability to switch off, turn away and block adverts is making direct advertising less effective and competition for genuine leads even more costly!  


Content marketing or content creation is based on the idea of building your online presence and sharing your knowledge. Using photography, video, creative writing, and design, you can connect with your customers on a personal level. This way of marketing lets the customer feel like they are part of your world, buy into your brand and not feel like they are being force fed advertising as they like, share and recommend your business.


Businesses which are stepping away from direct marketing and focusing more on content marketing services, delivering results and generating new leads by the day. So how do you content market?

digital photography



  • Capture stories

  • Show behind the scenes

  • Don't push sales

  • Share through website updates

  • Share through social media

video production



  • Film updates

  • Show behind the scenes

  • Share knowledge

  • Share through website updates

  • Share through social media

Creative writing



  • Share your knowledge

  • Build case studies

  • Increase keywords

  • Share through website updates

  • Share through social media

Social Media Marketing Experts

Lost in a sea of hashtags, insta updates and tik toking? Outsource your content marketing to our digital experts. 

  • Weekly site visits

  • Professionally managed

  • Add on cost effective adverts

  • Combine with SEO for the ultimate user experience

facebook management

Facebook Managed


Facebook is a great platform for engaging customers. A business page can re-engage your audience after they have left your site. Target them with adverts, exclusive offers and company updates. Click here to learn more about advertising through Facebook and using a Facebook business manager

Facebook Business Manager

Instagram Managed


Show photos and videos to your customer base to keep them looking at your business, products and services. Being the same platform as Facebook, your business will benefit from cross-platform adverts resulting in better ROI. Get your Instagram business account professionally managed by Blades Media.


Instagram Business Account




Network and engage with like minded business men and woman who can help you grow your business. Posting company updates and success stories is a great way to show how well your business is doing and that you’re the right guys for the job.  Build you LinkedIn profile and expand your network

Linkedin Profile

Classic Connection

View their case study here

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