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No.1 Services

No.1 Services are a national company which offers home maintenance services.

Introducing PHD


No.1 Services are a national company which provides home maintenance services from carpet cleaning to plumbing and heating. With the re-launch of their new Plumbing, Heating & Drainage website they required an introductory video to re-assure customers this was the same company despite the re-branding, providing they same No.1 services.

no.1 PHD Logo

The Brief


The brief for this was extremely simple, copy their existing intro video in style and format but introducing their Plumbing, Heating and Drainage division. The brief may have been simple but there were many hurdles to overcome during the process.

Hurdles & Deadlines


This shoot proved to be one of our more challenging shoots due to time scales. Blades Media were commissioned in the first week of May ready for an end of May launch with a two-week personal holiday inbetween. Acting fast we secured the filming in one day which meant all our footage shared the same light and consistency which would have been lost over a multi-day shoot.

Whilst filming the office was still live. 16 people all answering phone calls. Using a specialized Mic, we were able to reduce the background chatter which added depth the video, making the office come alive.

Finally, there were many old logos on the walls which we used VFX and post-production to remove.

video capture

Equipment & Production


From start to finish the process took 7 days which included the initial meeting, story boarding, filming and editing. We used a Nikon D500, Lavalier mic, Light Panels, Slider and Gimbal to capture the office. We chose equipment with a smaller footprint due to the limited floor space.

For the footage we used custom colour grading, a professionally mastered soundtrack, custom-built logo string and lower thirds animations to brand the video and provide a corporate look. This was all included in the client’s budget.

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