Concurring Small Spaces With FCD

Ring, Ring!


You get the phone call "Hey can you photograph the new Ferrari 488 pista, 458, Porsche 911 Targa, Jaguar Project 7, Porsche Carrera and Ferrari Testarossa for us. They are all going out shortly and need marketing work before they go" Not your every day phone call but it was one we were glad to have! Knowing FCD's unit we knew this would pose a challenge due to the amount of cars and the free space. 

Thinking Outside The Box


The only clean angle to get all of the cars was facing the back corner of the unit as this gave the longest corner to corner distance. Working at height, we were able to get all the cars in frame. But now to light them! Using the art of light painting we strobed each car 2/3 times to get side angles and front on. This gave the desired effect but now we have light pollution and an ugly background. 


Post Production


Working across multiple lays we were able to delete the light pollution, tidy up unsightly areas and correct the background. For our closeup shot of the Ferrari 488 Pista, we used the same process, however we applied colour grading and smoke overlays to apply drama to the shot.


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