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We live in a  digital world and the advent of Photoshop means we can take the ordinary and turn it into the extraordinary. We are able offer digital editing at an industry standard for commercial clients. 

Boost the colours of your photo. Remove unwanted objects from the scene. Add in what is missing or composite your subject somewhere new. 


At Blades Media we are able to handle professional grade image enhancements to an industry standard. 

Photo Retouching

We offer professional image retouching. We don't just adjust the brightness, we improve the raw image and turn it into a master piece. Click the image for before and after.


Colour Grading

Improve the colour of your images and make them really stand out. Give a small boost or get creative! Click the image for before and after.

Remove and Erase 

Something spoiling your photo? Remove it! Doesn't matter if it is small or big, there is a away to make your photo look just right! Click the image for before and after.


Sky Swaps

Forget grey skies and overcast days, ass in a dramatic sky to make images pop! Great for estate agents! Click the image for before and after.

Text Overlay

Integrate text into your images. Used for marketing or as a style choice. Cut through and blend seamlessly with your image.


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