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Automotive Photography

By Blades Media

Ferrari Monza SP2

Automotive Photography by Blades Media


If you haven't noticed already there is a distinct theme which runs through our work, cars! Stemming from a childhood relationship derived from his father, Damian has had petrol running through his veins from an early age.


Now many years on we have been able to work with some of the best manufactures, brands and local businesses which work within the automotive sector. Our work has been featured across the internet, in blogs, videos, magazines and even books. 



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Editorial & Magazine

We have worked on assignment or provided images for articles in magazine such as Auto Italia, Strada and Total 911. Our images have been used to generate articles, page in fills and even front covers.


We are able to provide on location or in studio, car to car, tracking and panning shots.



From creation to feature, we have worked with many leading publishers using car photography to document cars and bikes in stunning detail which have gone on to fill center spreads.

We are able to in house digital editing.


For Sale & Auctions

Websites like Collecting Cars and AutoTrader are demanding for better quality images every day to revival their auction house competitors. With professional car pictures your lot or ad is guaranteed to stand out from the pack, achieving the sticker price. 

Fast delivery with digital editing included.


Content Creation

From car showrooms to garages, we have helped build automotive content which has developed and build local businesses presence online. You will find us behind the back of many top performing websites and social channels. 


We've Photographed

Some Amazing Cars!

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