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Maserati Khamsin

Shot for Maserati - The Citroën Years 1968 - 1975 - Book

The Maserati Khamsin is a very unusual car. To start with not many people could tell you what it was and secondly the chance of seeing one outside of a classic Italian car show is rare! However, the Maserati Khamsin is one of the most charming cars to come out of the 70's. With its sleek, long body, V8 roar and glass, yes glass, tail gate it is certainly a car to behold!

This Khamsin was owned by an avid enthusiast who wanted to document Maserati's history with Citroen. The Khamsin was part of a 3 car project we under took for the owner. In this part of the project we focused on capturing this stunning car in its natural habitat, featuring its lines, engine, interior and of course, glass tail gate! 

Maserati Khamsin (2).jpg
Maserati Khamsin (4).jpg
Maserati Khamsin (3).jpg
Maserati Khamsin (1).jpg
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