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The Brief

First Choice Detailing of Bournemouth (FCD) have been around for nearly 15 years and so has their website. With the original designer living in Australia and built upon a very early WordPress website, editing the site for non-techies was impossible. FCD came to us for help. After a consultation of their existing website and needs, our web team began to design a new one built upon Wix.


Compared to a full stack or WordPress website, this method is a much more cost-effective approach and makes it easier for our clients to update going forward without our help. This method also allowed us to create a fully interactive holding site (in use currently) which gave their business a fresher look, whilst we work on making the perfect site.


Mobile & Tablet Friendly Website

Designed when the mobile market was sub 3%, FCD’s current website was not built for mobile. Their new Wix powered version is, working well with mobile and tablet devices.

Search Engine Optimisation & Adwords

SEO has changed too! With Google’s Panda now active in search, there is more criteria in place to rank a website. Our team followed this criteria through all of the pages, making FCD’s new website SEO optimised.


Social Media Management & Content Building

Content is crucial to web design. Get to a website to find nothing but chickens! Our team worked really closely with FCD to develop strong content for their website which has really stepped them ahead of their competitors.

Eye Catching Photography

Nothing makes you stop and stare better than an image! We have been lucky enough to work with FCD on some amazing photography projects including the Bugatti Veyron!

Bugatti Veyron Front 800.jpg
Bugatti Veyron Interior 800.jpg
Bugatti Veyron Rear 800.jpg
Bugatti Side 800.jpg

The Art Of Detailing

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