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Fastest video in the west – Filming the Porsche Targa 4S

Our good creative friend Lee Sibley from That 911 Guy gave us a call last week asking for a hand. On Monday the 10th he would have access to the new Porsche 911 992 Targa 4s and would need a hand filming it.

“We can certainly help with that!”

"However, there is a catch.... We need to be there for 1pm and no later and must bring it back by 4pm, no later. "


"oh and the video must be live for 11pm that evening. Are you up for the challenge?"


We knew this day would be tough. It was the hottest day of the year, tight timeline, only located in Reading, no location scouting prior, no second chance and it had to be live for the embargo lift at exactly 11.01pm that day. Arriving at Porsche Reading at exactly 1pm we started by filming the exterior shots and B roll. The tarmac temperature was around 40 degrees making it exceptionally hot. Due to this heat our main camera was struck with heat soak and killed our first battery within 30mins. Ahhh! Luckily, we were able to film what we needed before hand. and proceed to shove the camera in the foot well of the nearest car with the aircon on.

Our closest open location was the Lambourn Triangle, around a 30min drive away. We set sail, Lee in the Targa and myself driving Lee’s pride and joy, “Little Irish”, his Irish Green 996 911. Once we arrived on the location we began our setup and planned our moves. Perfect, we are good to go and ready to film… then disaster struck! The heat got the better of Lee’s 20-year-old Porsche and caused it to have ignition heat soak. Preventing it from turning over. Luckily with a bump start we were good to go… although this will not be the first time this gremlin appeared.

In what was now a 45-minute window, we were able to film everything we needed. Getting back to Porsche 10 mins late, whoops. Making our total filming time 2 hours. We arrived back in Bournemouth around 6.45pm. After a quick breather and bit of food we began editing. I concentrated on the opening scenes and the ending; Lee concentrated on the middle. Around 10.30 pm we were able to provide Lee with the parts he needed to amalgamate the video. Slightly off Lee’s original launch time, the video went live without a hitch, making it our fastest turnaround time in history!

Hopefully reading this blog you can appreciate any little nuances you may spot in this video. Make sure to give it watch, a like and subscribe!

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