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Get The Max Value For Your Car

With 100's of thousands of cars to choose from, it is imperative your car stands out from the crowd. Investing time in to giving it a detailed clean , writing a captivating description and taking jaw dropping photos is time well spent to ensure you get the top end sales price for your vehicle.

This Audi RS6 owner decided he wanted to achieve the best sales price. Teaming up with our clients, First Choice Detailing, we let them carry out the detailing whilst we provided the photo back up. Looking brilliant white and shiny, we captured a whole album of sales photos that are pin sharp and really show this Audi RS6 in the best light.

Looking to sell you car? Why not take part in FCD's Retail Detail. A thorough clean by the team at FCD teamed with our professional photography. Call us on 01202 287088 to discuss.

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