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Case Study - Improving the User Experience

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Google Analytics is the best free tool on the market for understanding how your customers interact with your website. With very little understanding it is easy to get a quick overview of this tool and understand your business. At the top of your Google Analytics homepage are 4 metrics.

Users, Sessions, Bounce Rate and Session Duration.

These 4 metrics provide a straightforward view of your website. “you had 4 users who in total visited your website 6 times. They visited a few pages and left within 1 min”. Additional tools within analytics tell you more about these metrics, page reports and behaviour etc. The 4 metrics are all you need to start with to understand your customers journey.

We were appointed to study the analytics of our client, Emblem Sports Cars. After cancelling additional advertising, they wanted to put budget into developing their website and user experience. Upon first look at their analytics it showed good user retention with consistent number and page returns. However, their bounce rate and session duration were rock bottom.

Why is this?

Their business consists of three main user groups Ferrari owners, Maserati owners and Lamborghini owners. Diving deeper into the analytics we found that the Maserati owners had the best experience on the site. Ferrari owners had an OK experience and Lamborghini owners had a terrible experience. For Maserati owners this is great. They found what they wanted and converted. All Maserati models were addressed with a pricing structure for servicing, blogs, images and case studies available.

For Ferrari and Lamborghini owners the story was much different. Ferrari have 41 models on the market, only 10 are addressed. Lamborghini have around 20 models and not even one was addressed! We needed to change this asap.

The solution was easy. Generate a bespoke user experience for each main user group, followed by each sub-group. To assume that someone with a Ferrari 355 sees themselves as a Ferrari owner is wrong. Cars of this nature are owned by people who have a passion. I am not a Ferrari owner I am a Ferrari F355 F1 1995 owner.

We started by researching the models and there was a lot of them! This let us come up with the initial designs. We made the Lamborghini and Maserati page constant in design due to less models and certain models could fall under a bulk sub-group to do with engines. However, Ferrari had to be designed differently due to how many unique models there were. Our designs were orientated around big easy buttons, imagining like you were using a selector screen. This would then take you away to a new page designed bespoke for your model. The idea of this was to reduce the bounce rate as it physically required the user to take multiple steps and increase the session duration as they spent time looking for their model. Once at their new bespoke page they would have more than enough information to keep them on the page.

Doing this as well has expanded Emblems ability to implement strong keywords to build their SEO without keyword stuffing. Using keyword planners, we identified the words needed to grow their reach and ranking and seamlessly implemented them into the new bespoke landing pages. This means users can search Google and go directly to their bespoke experience.

Currently we are still developing the landing pages, working with Emblem to ensure they’re factually correct. Together we have implemented the new selection pages which lead to a generic holding page for the moment. Since doing this we have seen the bounce rate reduce and session duration increase.

Jan 1st – 31st

Bounce Rate 33.54% - Session Duration 4m 18s

Mar 1st – 22nd

Bounce Rate 23.69% - Session Duration 8m 33s

Want to improve your users experience? Call a member of our team today on 01202 287088 to discuss your options.

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