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Marketing your property for Airbnb

Living on the south coast makes renting out your property via a property sharing platform such as Airbnb a very lucrative prospect. Thanks to our miles long coastlines, dining and night out options and local events, a premium can be achieved for well placed properties. So how do you stand out from the rest?

Show the rooms size and light

Phones are common place for most people to take photos. Even though mobiles do an OK job at taking photos, most people will use them like a phone and take the shot high and downwards. Doing so makes the room look short and reduces the light coming in to the frame. Going waist height provides better depth and gives the outside light a better chance to fill the room.

Stage the room

You are trying to make someone want to spend a day, week or even a month in your property. It needs to feel like a home away from home. Achieving this is done by staging the room. Use items such as throws, pillows, flowers and plants, wash products and a tea service. Make sure you include all the items which would be provide in your standard turn down service so potential renters know what to expect.

Location, location, location!

Make sure to include photos of the local area. Not only does this help would be renters navigate the area it also acts as selling points. If someone has not been to the area before you are helping sell the dream and putting in the extra effort your end, helps keep people on your advert for longer and in turn, increases the potential of a booking.

Summer is not the only season

Bournemouth is considered a summer town... however living here I don't just go into hibernation after summer ends. We have fantastic reasons to visit here all year long. When promoting your property, use this to your advantage. Stage your property to replicate the seasons and take advantage of holidays like valentines day and Christmas. People still like to get away for these events, so why not to your property? Even local people who want to visit the air show with premium views, date night without paying for a hotel room or after Christmas party stays. Think outside the box!

Hopefully this has helped you with promoting your Airbnb property. For expert advice and services, call us on 01202 287088

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