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Photographing Events – What we have learnt

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

As a photographer you may be asked to step out of the comfort of the studio to photograph an event. It can be quite daunting but very fun. Based on our previous experiences working different events including weddings, charity and corporate we have compiled our top tips.

It is just another gig.

Just because an event may have 100+ more people there than you’re use to working around doesn’t mean it is any different to any other photo gig. Your subject matter is the people. Take your time to work out the layout of the event, assessing vantage points for the best images and grab an event guide to find out timings of key moments from the day.

Concorde Classics Event

Photograph the sponsors.

Easy to forget as taking a photo of a banner or corporate stand isn’t that interesting but some corporate sponsors pay a lot of money for their position at events. Getting these photos can be important and mean the difference to being asked back.

Christchurch Super Car Show

Subject matter.

If you’re a photographer who specialises in a specific area you may get caught in the trap of photographing what you prefer but the average on looker may not want to see that. Think outside of the box, for example at a car event it would be too easy just to focus on the cars but there are plenty of different subjects to focus on. The people, the surroundings and the sponsors! Joe public would like to see more than just the cars.

Concorde Classics Car Show

Multiple cameras.

For the first few years of working events I would only use one camera as that was all I had. This increases risk for loss of images, but no way reduces your ability to capture the event. Don’t feel you need more than one camera to be a good photographer but it certainly helps. For best practise though swap your memory cards out to reduce risk of losing all your images, touch wood.

Networking and increasing your reach.

Ideally you would like to get more business after this event, so make sure to talk to everyone you can. It is too easy to get caught up in the moment just taking photos but there is plenty of business to be had. Make sure to bring business cards and flyers for the event and after it has finished tag local businesses in your images through the social media platforms.

Concorde Classics Car Show

Working for exposure.

This is the in currency for most people as the exposure the event gives you is worth the money they would pay you. I can tell you hands down we have never received any work off the back of an event. People have come to the event to enjoy the day. They may love your photos but the chance of you getting a paid gig after is less than zero. You have more opportunity getting repeat work or using it as experience when pitching for other gigs. Don’t provide your services for free unless you have a goal or are giving your services to charity.

Concorde Classics Car Show

Hopefully these tips will help you when it comes to pitching for an event gig. If you would like to chat to us about our previous experiences or would like more help, email us on : info@bladesmedia.co.uk or call us on : 01202 287 088


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