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Photographing the Ferrari 812 Superfast

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

The Ferrari 812 Superfast is Ferrari’s latest super car. Fitted with a 6.5 V12 and producing well over 700bhp it is an impressive car to behold. Its over all size and presence make it an awe-inspiring car to be around. The design of the 812 could be described as a softened version of the F12, Ferrari’s previous V12 car. From the design you can see where they have kept aesthetically pleasing parts of the F12’s design and then re-worked and improved it for the Ferrari 812.

The Brief.

Our clients, First Choice Detailing (FCD) were provided with the first Ferrari 812 Superfast to land in Hampshire. Not wanting to waste any time, the new owners bought it straight to FCD’s studio to undergo paint protection film. Being a milestone event, FCD asked us to film the wrapping process and capture a few photos for their advertising plan.

Things to consider.

The cars that come through FCD belong to customers and this limits are ability to photograph them outside of the studio due to insurance and general well being of the customers personal items. The studio does have its limitations as well as its benefits. Being a sealed environment, the lighting is easy to control making photographing a subject a lot easier. This is still a working environment and built for that purpose. With fixtures, fittings and tools everywhere we must think creatively on how to capture the car and not the mess (as we see it).

Style of photography.

To hide the aspects of the studio which will clog the photo we chose to go with night photography. This is the process of shooting in the dark and using a light source (torch) to sculpt how the camera sees the image. Using this style, we can concentrate on the car and defocus attention from the background and surroundings.

Finished photo.

The finished photos are comprised of 3 exposures each. The Highlights, shadows and background. Each photo was taken over a 10 second period with an ISO 100. For sharpness we used F8 at 17mm (widest angle). With more time we would have concentrated on more detailed items. Hopefully we will see another one again!

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Ferrari 812 Superfast by Blades Media
Ferrari 812 Superfast by Blades Media

Ferrari 812 Superfast Interior by Blades Media
Ferrari 812 Superfast Interior by Blades Media

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