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Web & SEO - Tails & Trails - New Website

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

We were contacted by small business owner, Laura, of Tails and Trails Poole. After being made redundant she decided to follow her passion, dogs! With a brand already in place, Laura needed a website to help her reach customers in the local area. We met Laura for an initial consult about her needs and what she wanted from a website. We decided on a simple portfolio website consisting with of a few pages and a blog.

Beginning by researching the local competition, seeing how their websites work, what they ranked for and what they didn’t. Looking through we noticed most local business had quite a weak SEO plan. Taking advantage of this we targeted our keywords around what they ranked for. This include short and long tail keywords and variations which they did not rank well for. Working with Laura and her partner Lee, we quickly built information accurate wording for their website featuring our targeted key words.

Laying out the user experience (UX) our team mapped the sales funnel required and designed the websites theme upon this. We used a colour theme like a well-known dog food brand to help with association. Instagram was applied as self-updating interactive feature.

The website is now ranking well for its keywords and is generating Laura work.

Are you looking for a website for your business? Call the team on 01202 287088

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