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Bringing cheaper prices for windows to the Trade and Public.


DWC Trade Windows are a Bournemouth based window supply. They originally developed an online sales order process which helped reduce the cost of windows to the trade and public. Expanding on their idea they developed DMODS. DMODS is a modular system which can plug into any website and with the addition of a supplier’s price book. This can offer trade and retail prices based on the companies buy in price. Still in the conceptual stages, DWC / DMODS needed help polishing and refining the design and getting it out to market.



At the time this was our first big project (Feb 2017) and it was still in the conceptual stages and being built. Unlike other projects we have worked on this was an open book. No preconceived ideas of how to do things and carte blanch to get it out to market.



The system required backers. We started by creating a conceptual video of how the system would work, based on designs and test builds of the system. This allowed for DMODS sales team to approach investors. Once the system was fully initialised, we would create a professional video that showed real world use.


 Next a website with a landing page was required which sold the USPs of DMODS. DMODS had an India based coding team at their disposal. Our team would design the website which would then be coded by the DMODS team. Making it easier for them to manage going forward.


Finally, we needed to redesign DWC’s website to represent a more modern finish and be an example website of the system in action.



Animated Video

Website Management




Over the space of 4 months our team created an animated video which showed off the conceptual functionality. We also designed 2 fully SEO’ed websites with mobile responsiveness which are still being used today, if not slightly changed from the original concepts. Due to budget constraints we were not able to stay on the project and regrettably did not see it through to fruition. However, we are still great working partners with DWC / DMODS and keep in regular contact.  

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