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Started online as Quality Fabrics, now Nicola's has expanded to the High Street and needed a new fresh look. 


Clive and Nicola found us thanks to the NEA. Already in business as Quality Fabrics Online they were looking to open a shop in nearby Lymington. With their branding not quite right, they came to us here at Blades Media to unlock their potential.  

We started off the process with our business review and looked through all of their branding and presence across the internet. We discovered that their current branding cheapened their brand by using the term “Quality”. The brand was not constant across the various digital and social platforms they were using. With a brand consultation we devised a branding plan with easily achievable next steps to get their business standing out. Through the course of a week our team worked with Clive and Nicola to reinvent their brand, being sympathetic to their origins and current customer base. After 5 concepts we developed their new brand, Nicola’s Fabrics.

Quality Fabrics Online


The font used was chosen as it looks like chalk on fabric, think dress or suit maker.

Pantones used are comforting colours and will stand out (not too much) along Lymington’s high street.

Wanting to keep the scissors, we couldn’t build the scissors into the design without it looking tacky. Instead we opted for a graphic to represent the fabric being sheared.


Our design team makes sure that all clients have what they need to replicate their branding. Nicola’s Fabrics is no different and were supplied with the design specifications needed.


Not all designs will be the right fit for every application. Being conscious of this, our design teams will include different variants and versions needed, especially for social media.

With the first stage of our branding complete our team can now work with Clive and Nicola to embark on the next steps, including business cards, shop front and website.

Brandng pack




Logo design
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