Ferrari F40

For Emblem Sports Cars

The Ferrari F40 has been a “unicorn car” for us. For years we have been booking this car in and the owner has always taken it back before we have had a chance to photograph it. However, in the summer on 2019 we got our chance to photograph one of the most iconic cars of all time, the twin turbo, V8, carbon bodied Ferrari F40!

Why has this been we have wanted to photograph? When growing up I was not a car person. Came from a car household but was not into cars. As I got older and learnt to drive the pieces of the puzzle started to connect! Whilst out driving one day in 2008 I spotted an F40 on the road and followed it. That journey took me to Emblem Sports Cars which started my journey into photography, which resulted in Blades Media. (Photo from that day!)

The F40 in mention happened to be the one we were booked to photograph! Lots of sentimental value then. We had a 4-hour window to photograph the F40. Due to space and location limitations we used light painting as our method of choice and produced a 5-image set. The images were used in a future marketing plan we had developed for them. The images were also developed into prints for their unit walls and we had an A3 version made for the customer.

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