Emblem had Facebook in place but due to sporadic posts their organic reach had dropped off. When posting anything of any value they received very little ROI in the form of Likes, Shares or Comments. As a result this made the team reluctant to invest any real time or money into Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.


Our experts came up with a marketing plan which was designed to create a Life Style feel on their pages. Using our Bournemouth based team we set out on a 4 month project to capture professional images and videos which felt like they were produced in house and did not make the user feel like they were being sold to.

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Social Media Management

and Content Development


Vising fortnightly, our team captures content to develop stories which build rapport with their existing customer base. See the results here:

Facebook | Instagram | Google My Business | LinkedIn





Videos are a great way to build rapport with customers,  develop the story of your business, sell products and services or share information.





Over the years we have worked with Emblem Sports Cars to create powerful imagery to be used in their marketing and as customer gifts.

Porsche 911 | Ferrari F40 |  Open Day 2013 |  Open Day 2012 | Lamborghini Urraco | Gurston Downs | Maserati MerakAdvert Photos | Lamborghini Countach



& SEO Work


We have helped delivered SEO, blog and website updates for Emblem which has increased their SERP, reduced bounce rate, increased session duration, increased organic click through and improved speed.

Emblem Sports Cars

Book &

Print Media


Working with Emblem we have created multiple books and print media which can be seen around their workshop.

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