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Updating the User Experience: "Boiler Error Codes"

Part of Google’s “Penguin” update rewards websites for sharing knowledge and expertise. Whilst researching phase 2 of RP Plumbing and Heating’s SEO plan we noticed fault/error codes were a popular Google search term. After researching the competition we noticed a trend.

Website which found engineers for you offered boiler codes which were copy and pasted with no resolve attached and other boiler engineers either did not feature any codes or were copy and pasted with no on page actions.

Seeing an opportunity, we designed 7 new pages for boilers which were based on the most sort after error codes for Worcester Bosh boilers. Rather than chucking all the information on to one page, we broke it apart so every user could have a unique experience and feel like this page was for their problem, not everyone’s.

The codes are unique to every boiler and have a specific reason code meaning we had to copy and paste this part. To resolve any copy and paste penalisation we opened up the knowledge base and added a difficulty level, does an engineer need to be there and how the issue is resolved. This will send positive signals to Google and users alike.

On these pages the user will find all the model variations, error code search, boiler picture and a generic CTA.

We also added a hot bar of boiler service options which most end users will need to resolve their problem. No scouring the site, it is where you need it.

As a benefit this update will:

  • Increase the keyword count

  • Boost SEO

  • Take advantage of Google’s Penguin update

  • Provide the customer with a better user experience

From our previous updates, it has been mentioned to RP Plumbing & Heating that their website now looks more professional.

We will continue to build out the website. These updates will help increase RP Plumbing & Heating’s ranking and produce rich SERP results.

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