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Virtual Property Tours - The World of Tomorrow!

Client: Berkeleys

Property: The Pent House - West Coast, Bournemouth.

Selling your property has changed. Due to Covid-19 it has required sales and letting agents to expand digitally to ensure they can carry on working and provide property viewings to potential clients, introducing Property Tours. Property Tours have become the latest way to perform an initial viewing to help ween out uninterested parties and reduce contact. This ensures by the time a physical viewing is booked, you will have an extremely interested lead.

Why invest in video when photos have been around for years!?

Photos are still the best way to grab a viewer’s attention. However, nothing compares to the experience of walking the property yourself. Slider videos are an option, using still photos and combining them into a video. More interactive than photos, this method does not offer perspective and depth.

3D Matter Porte seems like a better option over video?

From a purely architectural standpoint it is a far superior option and better for tours of buildings, not homes. When selling a home, you're trying to sympathetically sell someone’s old life to another person who is using their own money to purchase their new home. Matter Porte’s are very sterile and remove emotion and feeling. Imagine reading bullet points on a property vs the description. The renders also put a massive strain on a computer, mobile or tablets cpu and can cause lag or a “wizzy” feeling as everything tries to render.

How long does it take to produce a property video?

From filming to completion, we on average take 1 day. This includes time on set, editing and processing.

How much do property tours cost?

Our property photos start at £80 and our video tours start at £180 including music and editing.

Do you cover commercial as well as residential?

We do! We are happy to photograph and film commercial and residential properties alike.

I am not selling through an agent; can I book your services?

Yes you can! We understand home owners are now using purple bricks to sell their homes. If you would like the professional touch we are here to help! Simply call the team on 01202 287088 or email us at

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