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Gorman Dynamics

Promotional Video

The Brief

We were contacted by Eugene from Gorman Dynamics. After seeing our RS6 video for UTWS, he wanted to see if we could help Gorman Dynamics with their very own promotional video. After an initial phone call, we booked a meeting with the team to discuss their needs and wants.

After showing us their range of robots and the process of how they are put together we came up with an idea for a singular promotional video which emphasised the company's process, followed by standalone product videos for each robot which would highlight its features and benefits.


One key point which was highlighted in our meetings was the need to make the videos appear “bigger” than their working space. Gorman Dynamics are still an emerging company and did not want any prospects thinking that Gorman Dynamics had less capability than they do. We took the approach to shoot all scenes in the dark and use key lights to highlight the scenes.

For our style we used a beauty dished, continuous light to generate a rim light on the subject/s. This was designed to help create depth in the scene. We then used an umbrella key light for the fill. This much softer light generated soft shadows for more dynamic contours. Finally, we used a small RGB light which was colour matched to the Gorman Dynamic logo to add a bit more ambiance.

With the focus of the robots being speed and precision, we used a fixed tripod setup and shot 1:1 with frame rate to shutter speed. What this will do is reduce motion blur making every movement look sharper and in turn more precise. Human movement will look unnatural, but the robots will look faster without faking their speed.


Shooting fixed meant we wouldn’t have any dynamic movement. For some scenes we did bring in a motion controlled unit (mainly for the robots) but instead we shot in 4k and used a position key frame to add movement.

For colour grading a Lumetri colour was applied. Since the Gorman Dynamic colour palate was on par with the teal and orange LUT, we used this to help balance the colours within the scene and help with brand identification. Would anybody appreciate that touch bar us? No. However, we like the look and feel it gave to the final product.


With a launch deadline looming for their website, Gorman Dynamics were eager to have their video by October.

After our initial meeting, booking the shoot and handing over the signed off video took a total of 2.5 weeks. 10 days before the deadline. By no means did we rush this project, but we take deadlines seriously and invested all the man power we could to help expodite the process to ensure that not only did we hit our deadline with good time to spare, we produced a high quality piece of content as well.

Are you looking for a promotional video to promote your business? Speak to a team member today. 01202 287088 Email:

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