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Hughes Workshop – Website Update

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

In need of some drastic website updates George from Hughes Workshop contacted our team to discuss options. During our talks he highlighted a few areas he wanted changed including:

  • An update of the wordpress template

  • Removal of dead links

  • New photos

  • Updates to the content

  • Big push on their USPs

We began by carrying out a site survey as we would with any client to see whilst we are there, is there anything else that needs doing such as structure, security and SEO issues. Our survey highlighted quite a few issues.

The company that originally built the site did so in 2015. They hadn’t done a bad job however, in 5 years things have moved on. Main issues which cropped up included:

  • Out of date SSL certificate

  • Broken Template and out of date Wordpress engine

  • Not connected to Search console

  • Dead links

  • Repetitive content

  • Dead plug-ins

  • Site Speed

  • Site Health below 80%

  • And more

We could fix these issues, but for Hughes this would be uneconomical. Working out cost we both agreed starting fresh would be better. Across 2 weeks we built, SEO’ed and transferred the new site across and is now live to their customers.

Hughes Workshop Home Page
Hughes Workshop Home Page

Home Page

The home page was ok? but it was suffering from a few issues including:

  • Dead links

  • Empty image placeholders

  • Out of date logos

  • Incorrect info

  • Old template

  • No real images

In our update we carried out:

  • Creating a new, simple header and menu bar

  • Making the website mobile and responsive

  • Removing top heavy java script elements

  • New keyword page title and meta description

  • Floating hot bar

  • New center line CTA buttons

  • New car brand CTA buttons

  • Car Transport hot bar

  • New interactive map

  • New footer contact bar with logos

  • Updated footer info

About Us

Hughes has been in service for well over 30 years and there are some amazing people who work there now. This was not being celebrated. On this page we included new mechanic bios and a covid update section.

Hughes Workshop About Us
Hughes Workshop About Us

Hughes Workshop Makes Page
Hughes Workshop Makes Page

Make and Models

On the old website a very outdated SEO technique was being used which was to copy and paste a page and change one word to your desired keyword. Google doesn't rank this technique highly and it can result in a search results drop. We built out there top 6 car brands and 301 redirected everything else to car servicing.

Trust My Garage and DPF Clean

Since setting up the website in 2015, Hughes have added 2 new services including DPF cleaning and TMG. We created 2 new bespoke pages for these services which feature video elements, animations and real life photos.

Site Wide

Across the entire site we fixed grammar issues, updated information, add Schema, new titles and meta descriptions, social share updates and real to life pictures!

Hand Over

With Hughes new workshop website now live them and their customers will be benefiting from a new user experience, safer browsing and responsiveness on all devices.

Are you in need of a new website? Call the team on 01202 287 088 or email us

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