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Design - The Gutter & Cladding Company - Getting Ready For Print

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

We were recently appointed by the Gutter & Cladding company to maintain and build their social media presence. After a few successes they asked us to help with a few more projects they had. For years now, they have been using a rather dated brochure and insert. After a site visit this is given to the customer, so they can reflect on the quote and see other services offered/how the work will unfold. With their current batch running out rather than re-printing the same brochure they decided to rejuvenate the finish, adding a fresh new look. For our first challenge we were asked to put a fresh spin on these print item.

We began by breaking down the logo and what is stood for. The logo itself is a dark cloud raining. The Gutter & Cladding are here to stop the rainy days. How do you protect yourself from the rain? With a roof. We designed the front-page featuring graphics which symbolized a roof and roof-line with the dark cloud hovering above.

Colour Palette

The center pages required to be visually more practical as they need to portray information to the client. We wanted to keep our styling though. To make the design more practical we took the colour element of the cloud and combined it with the graphic of the rain drop to make headers which carried information for the customers benefit.

Font book and colour palette

Using the main and secondary colours we filled the page with live images and recognizable logos to help build brand, rapport and customer confidence. The back page was then our favourite image with all the contact information required.

Presentation Pack

The insert originally was 2 pages, showing 4 products. After much deliberation we decided to strip this down to one page showing the 2 most popular products, cladding and roof line. Using the bold style develop for the brochure we applied the same style to the insert. Eliminating the white space and only using live images. This we designed to help the customer understand the full process and not to be caught off guard.

Insert for brochure

Shortly after finishing the brochure and insert, we were asked to create an advert for the local Daily Echo. With our newly developed style we took our design process for the insert and crafted it ready for printing. Stripping away the images to give more space for a headline and information.

Print Advert

With a new refreshed look, the Gutter and Cladding company has elevated their design work giving a more corporate feel. Are you looking to improve you image? Call the team on 01202 287 088 to discuss your project or visit us here: https://www.bladesmedia.co.uk/discuss-my-project

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