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Updating the User Experience: "New Boilers"

After launching the re-skinned version of their website last month, we have been working with RP plumbing & Heating LTD to start building out their user experience which will help them generate more leads as customer stay invested for longer and increase their Google rank.

In this update we took their original boiler page of 57 words and upgraded it to a staggering 1000+ words spread across 4 pages! This page has also been optimised for the key word “new boiler”. This page now features:

  • More informative content

  • Call to actions

  • Hot spot featuring the top selling products

  • Animations on key information

  • 2 knowledge panels with click though option

This then leads the users to 1 of 5 outcomes

  • Direct contact with less input

  • Direct contact with more input

  • Sales page leading to a boiler quote, multi-step form

  • Additional service page

We will continue to build out the website. These updates will help increase RP Plumbing & Heating’s ranking and produce rich SERP results.

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