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Content, content and more content! Building out EI Projects most valuable keyword

Content is king. Consider it like walking into a shop. If the shop has a lot to offer (content) you are likely to browse for longer and more likely to buy something. If there is not that much on offer you are likely to leave just as fast as you arrived and probably would not revisit again. In the world of Google Analytics this would be your Bounce/Exit Rate and Duration. To provide Google with the right signals you want your bounce rate to be low and duration to be high.

There is no golden number for this as one website may have a duration period of only 30 seconds and another 6 mins. 30 seconds could be above average for your industry and 6 mins could be considered poor for another. The main thing is to provide all the relevant information for a user to stay longer.

So how do you do that?

When trying to make a successful SEO campaign you will have a list of keywords which will be a mix of fat head, chunky middle and long tail. The shorter the keywords the more profitable it will be, however your audience will be very broad. Longer tail keywords will be less profitable as the search terms become more bespoke, but your audience will be a better quality.

Fat head – "Coke a Cola" – Will target everything to do with Coke

Chunky Middle – "Cola drinks" – Will target cola beverages including Coke

Long tail – "Alternative to Coke a Cola" – Will target the alternative to Coke

For EI Projects their most valuable keyword is the Chunky Middle keyword : Commercial Fit Out

This represented what their business offered, and searches brought up similar companies including competitors. It has a great search volume and at a keyword difficulty of 52%, not that hard to rank for!

We began our research by looking at the top 10 pages, analysing how quickly they loaded, the style of content they offered and what information made that page unique. Using our in-house copy team we began writing out what EI Projects needed to compete. Whilst this was going on our web team wire framed the page ready for the content.

In total it took 7 hours to create a new mobile ready page which is SEO optimsied to the max. Our teams have taken this once 150 word page up to a staggering 1153 words making it one of the most descriptive and content filled pages for the keyword Commercial Fit Out. This keyword also has 4 SERP features which our new content will take advantage of.

Regrettably Google Ranking is not instant, however over the next 6 weeks we hope to see some significant movement in this page.



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