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FAQ - Drones

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What is a drone?

Drones are a multi-rotored machine which can achieve flight with a wireless controller.


What is a UAV?

UAV stands for Unmanned Ariel Vehicle. Anything that can achieve flight with no pilot on board is a UAV.


What is the difference between a drone and a UAV?

They’re the same thing. Any machine able to achieve flight without a pilot is a UAV.


Is it illegal to fly a drone?

In short no, anyone can fly them currently. However, to do it for the purpose of business you do need to be accredited by the CAA. There are also some strict Do’s and Don’ts for commercial and non-commercial users.


What is VLOS?

VLOS is visual line of sight. According to the CAA this is 500m. After which it is deemed you can no longer see your aircraft and you’re now flying in BVLOS.


What is BVLOS?

BVLOS stand for beyond visual line of sight. Unless you have special permission from the CAA, you cannot fly out side of your 500m parameter. People like the police have been given special permission to help provide aid quicker.

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