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Is photography important?

In the age of being online photography is the only way you can show your customers what it is you do. Without it you’re left trying to describe your products or services to people who might not understand it the way you do, making photography important to your business.


Photography vs Illustration

Before photos there were paintings and illustrations. It was one of the earliest forms of expressing what we saw and conveying it to the world. Now with more advanced technology we can digitally produce images. For design, illustration is great as we can craft our illustration to suit the design. Photography is a bit more fixed. If you’re looking to showcase a product or service a great image will help to engage your clients. If you’re looking to build a brand, the illustration is better.


Can photography make money?

Yes, and from both sides of the lens. As photographers we of course charge for our services based on the value of our equipment, expertise and time. As a user, photography can be used to make your business money by attracting new customers who were drawn in by the amazing photos you have.