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FAQ - Content Marketing

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Should I be using Twitter?

Twitter is a great tool for being vocal. If your business offers advice, then yes! If not, then no. Working with companies who offer sales over services, we have seen a negative response in using Twitter and don’t consider it a benefit.


Should I be using Facebook?

Thanks to Cambridge Analytica, Facebook has received a lot of bad press. Even so, they still have over 2 billion users. Facebook is a great way to talk about your business in a computer and mobile friendly format which doesn’t require any special knowledge to get started.


Should I be using Instagram?

If you offer a product and/or service which can be photographed, then yes! It is a real quick and easy way to get in front of your audience, which can be easily tailored by using HashTags.


Do I need to post daily?

Platforms like Instagram and now Facebook offer a story feature, which posting to everyday can be quite nice for your audience. It is not intrusive or in their face and it gives them an insight into the inner workings of your business. Posting to your wall daily isn’t needed and posting more regularly (3/4 times a week) works better than 3/4 times a day.


I have loads of likes but nobody interacts?

Did you buy your likes? Are you posting regularly? Are all your posts trying to sell? You may have killed off your organic reach. Drop us a message for a free business review and we will check to see how your page can be kick started again.

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