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Do I need a website to be found in Google?

No you don’t. Using listing websites such as Google’s My Business, Yell and 118 can help you get found without a website.


Do I need to know code to own a website?

No, however it certainly helps! Like driving a car, you don’t need to understand the combustion engine or how a limited slip differential works but understanding the basic mechanics will help you when anything goes wrong.


What is SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimisation”. Optimising your website properly will help you get found when users search for certain key words related to your business.


I am not getting found in Google?

This could be for several reasons. Get in contact with our team and we will help you get to the source of the issue.


How do I rank higher than my competitor in Google?

To do this we will need to analyse your business and theirs. Use our free business review feature to get a break down.

What is a slow burner?

A slow burner is something that takes a while to catch alight. When used in SEO it means don't expect instant returns. 

Why is SEO a slow burner?

On the internet there are millions upon millions of sites for Google to get through. Back in the early days of Google, you could cheat the system and find yourself at the top of Google in an afternoon.This isn't fair for all the people who have put effort in and crafted their SEO the proper way. Thanks to AI like Panda and Penguin all these sites are checked and scrutinised. This however takes time and even with the best SEO efforts, you could be waiting a while to see your site ranking. 

What is Exact Domain Match or EDM?

Ever see a website with the name like : www.BestBusinessEver.com ? This is EDM. EDM was the ability to buy a domain with the exact phrase you wanted customers to search for and appear higher in Google. This ranked website quickly. However this method has been abandoned by Google in favour of a websites knowledge and keywords. Buying a domain for £100's doesn't guarantee you a high spot in Google.  

Can You Get Me to No.1 On Google?

Reality is no one can guarantee this. Google changes almost daily and to say you can be top of Google tomorrow is unrealistic. SEO takes time and trying to cheat Google will only result in your dropping rankings. 

What is Behavior Flow?

Using Google analytic it is possible to see how your users enter your site and navigate through. Understanding this can make for a more enjoyable for your user and improve call to actions usage.

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