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What is Pay Per Click Advertising and Google Adwords?

What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. PPC works by bidding for keywords and search terms and every time one of your adverts is clicked you pay. The more you bid, the higher your advert appears and in turn, increases your chances of getting a lead.


Search engine advertising is one of the most popular forms of PPC however, more people are now using social media for their PPC campaigns. Unlike Google, social media platforms use an ideal audience to push your adverts.

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Why choose us for your Pay Per Click advertising?

We are a Dorset SEO & Web company who are dedicated to small and medium sized businesses.

  • Professionally designed adverts

  • Professional keyword research for positive and negative keywords

  • Adjust budgets on the fly

  • Ad spend monitored 

  • Higher Return On Investment - ROI

Pay Per Click and SEO

Pay Per Click and SEO are two different ways to reach the same goal. PPC is a quick route to the top. It can cost money but reap great rewards. SEO takes longer but has longer lasting effects.



Pay Per Click without a website

You can have PPC without a website but expect an exceptionally low conversion rate. Send people to a number or email without any information and you will get very little click through.



How does Pay Per Click work?

Pay Per Click is as it says on the tin, you pay per click. Every time a potential customer clicks on your advert that costs you. You can choose pay by impression instead. Once your advert has been seen 1000 times you will be charged. Impressions have a lower click through rate and work better for announcements.



How much does Pay Per Click cost?

Every keyword has a different Cost Per Click (CPC). This is based on how valuable the keyword is and how likely it is to generate a click. With proper keyword research you will be able to find the CPC prices and base your budget around this.



How does Pay Per Click work on Google?

Googles platform is based in search criteria. You create an advert and fill it with keywords and phrases you want to target in set locations. You then set your budget and adjust based on results.



How does Pay Per Click work on Facebook?

Facebook works under the same principles as Google. However, because users of Facebook do not search, they experience the platform, your audience is built on trends, interests, and demographics. You build your ideal customer into the Facebook's ad platform and adverts will be presented to people who fit that. This style of advertising is called influencer as the user hasn’t searched for you, so it is up to you to influence them based on their interests.



Is Pay Per Click effective?

Ranking on organic SEO is hard. The quickest way to the top is with Googles Adwords. It is extremely effective if your website works and you can sustain a budget. Google will happily use every penny you give it and more and it can easily run away with you.

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Case Study

Can I see some local examples of websites you have built? Absolutely!

Being local to Poole and Bournemouth we helped many small businesses with web design and web development.


Tails & Trails Poole

Industry: Dog Walking

Used For: Online Presence and Lead Generation

Tails and Trails Poole is our latest website build. Laura needed a simple website to give her business an online presence. We included an about us page, locations page, testimonials and even a blog!


First Choice Detailing

Industry: Automotive

Used For: Online Presence and Lead Generation

First choice Detailing of Bournemouth, Christchurch had a very dated website built on an early WordPress engine....


Emblem Sports Cars

Industry: Automotive

Used For: Online Presence and Lead Generation

Emblem Sports Cars of Poole originally had their website designed by a web designer. It looked great but functioned poorly. We fixed it...


Colchester & Essex Child Counselling

Industry: Child Counselling

Used For: Online Presence and Lead Generation

Built in 6 days and launch with a SEMrush site score of 96%.




Industry: Commercial Fit Out

Used For: Online Presence and Lead Generation

Re-skinned and ready for more advanced SEO techniques.


RP Plumbing

& Heating LTD

Industry: Tradesman

Used For: Online Presence and Lead Generation

Re-skinned and ready for more advanced SEO techniques.

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