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What Is Website Hosting?

Website Hosting Services

The internet works over a network. As its most basic description, the internet is merely one computer connected to another by an exceptionally long cable. In the early days of the internet it was simply two machines connected to each other via a digital handshake known as an IP address. If I wanted to access a computer in San Francisco I would need to know the IP address and from that I could connect to that PC.


As the internet grew so did the protocols needed for infrastructure. Having your PC on all the time so someone could access your files wasn’t that practical. Specialised computers called “servers” came into use and computers connected directly to them instead. Companies began to develop server farms and this became what we know as hosting. You rent a space on a server and your website is hosted until you move it or stop paying for the space. 



And Domains


Our websites are hosted on a super secure server with encryption and routine back ups. Connecting of your personal domain is included. 

Hosting from £8 per month*

*require a Blades Media website to qualify

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Why is cheap or free website hosting a bad idea?


As previously mentioned a server is a specialsied computer. The parts they are made of are extremely heavy duty and are designed to run non-stop with low power input to make them efficient. When you request a website that is on this server, the server needs to go into full power and search its hard drives to find the website and then keep the connection stable as you browse the site. 

Quality costs money and by using cheap or free hosting you are likely going to get a slow server or one that is shared by many websites. What this ultimately means is your website will run slow and if you are using your server for important work such as research, then it is harder to guarantee the safety of your work on the server as cheaper services generally don't back-up regularly and if the server goes down, you may loose a lot of work!

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is the most common type of hosting. Your website will be on a hard drive with many other websites. This is normally relatively cheap but can have bandwidth restrictions. If you have a very popular website you may find your customer experience will drop as you hit your bandwidth limit. 

What is a Dedicated Server?

Unlike a shared server, this one belongs all to you! They cost a lot more, but they are fast, very fast! If you have a shop or a popular website then a dedicated server is a must. 

How much does Hosting cost?

It depends on the company. offers an ignite package (10/05/2020) for just £2.50 a month. This even comes with a Free TLD Domain for 1 year which you can extend. 

Do you offer Hosting?

No we do not. We simply do not have the ability to host a value for money server farm and unlike other companies we don't piggy back on other servers and charge a premium for it. Instead we source the best hosting for your needs at cost.  You shouldn't have to pay a premium for something you need. 

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Case Study

Can I see some local examples of websites you have built? Absolutely!

Being local to Poole and Bournemouth we helped many small businesses with web design and web development.


Tails & Trails Poole

Industry: Dog Walking

Used For: Online Presence and Lead Generation

Tails and Trails Poole is our latest website build. Laura needed a simple website to give her business an online presence. We included an about us page, locations page, testimonials and even a blog!


First Choice Detailing

Industry: Automotive

Used For: Online Presence and Lead Generation

First choice Detailing of Bournemouth, Christchurch had a very dated website built on an early WordPress engine....


Emblem Sports Cars

Industry: Automotive

Used For: Online Presence and Lead Generation

Emblem Sports Cars of Poole originally had their website designed by a web designer. It looked great but functioned poorly. We fixed it...

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