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I am going to go out on a limb here and guess you get at least one email a week from an SEO company offering to get you the number 1 spot on Googles Search Engine Results Position (SERP)? Or how there are a thousand issues with your website and for X amount an SEO expert can fix them?


We will be honest, websites can have thousands of issues, even ours does! Something as simple as website language code being EN instead on EN-GB can cause a website wide issues however, this can be fixed in 30 seconds. Issues like this aren’t going to stop your website from ranking and you won’t be losing £1000’s in revenue, but what it will do is slow down your ability to rank higher in Google. Consider it like running with a weighted vest. Take the vest off, run faster.


If you own a website, you want a Poole SEO expert on your side. You can concentrate on what makes your business unique and we will concentrate on growing and generating new sales and leads for your Poole business.


Bespoke SEO Services

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From £40

Per Hour. Monthly options available.

Closeup of a Black Dog

Tails & Trails Poole

Industry: Dog Walking

Used For: Online Presence and Lead Generation

Tails and Trails Poole is our latest website build. Laura needed a simple website to give her business an online presence. We included an about us page, locations page, testimonials and even a blog!

Why do I need SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Essentially what it means is to make your website easier for Google to find. With over a billion websites live on the web, Google does not have enough resources to scan your website, so it requires SEO to help streamline the process. The harder it is to scan, the lower your search result. If your competitors invest in their SEO then you will find it harder and harder to rank on page 1. Therefore using an SEO company in Poole will help you rank amongst your local competitors, driving more sales to your site.

What is included in SEO?

Let’s keep it simple

Local SEO – includes your Google my business and reviews, get this right and get found faster!

Fundamental SEO – Making sure your website is up to Googles standards and fixing any issues weighing you down. 

Technical SEO – Help Google read your website correctly .

Keyword Research – Keywords which target your business to the right people.

Content Building – Selling your business with copy writing, digital photography and video production.

Bathroom Toilet

RP Plumbing  Heating - Poole

Industry: Plumbing & Heating

Used For: Online Presence and Lead Generation

with only 4 keywords to its name, no organic traffic and dying in the rankings, Ryan's website desprately need our SEO Poole website help. 

Why use Blades Media as your SEO agency Poole?

We are active members of the community in Poole, living here for over 30 years! We understand the people, the landscape and how best to promote your Poole based business locally. We do not use generic plans and we tailor our packages to your needs.

Web Design Poole

Whether you are looking for help ranking your business higher in Google or need a website to help the people of Poole find your business, we can help! We offer responsive web design at an affordable price which is tied in with our local SEO and Advanced SEO packages.

How much does SEO cost?

You may meet a lot of companies who say they are bespoke for business, but often not. We will work with you to find out what your business needs are and generate a keyword planner that will get your business found in the right places on Google. We can offer a retainer package based on your goals or websites needs or per website page starting at £40ph

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