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FAQ - Property Video

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Are you an estate agent looking to add videos to your range of services? Maybe you are not sure on its benefits or how it will work? This blog will break down how our video experts will film, edit and deliver your property video.


Prior to Filming:

Start by using our contact form to inform our teams of the “experience ladder” you require and where the property is located. We will email you back with costings within 24 hours


Upon acceptance, we require a minimum of 2 days’ notice to give our team ample time to prepare the equipment. For Entry Level video we only require one day.


If the clients cancel or the weather turns, we do accept rescheduling.


On the Day:

We can either meet your agent there, the client or collect keys and work independently.


We highly recommend the property is vacant on the days and presented. Delays due to this can cause additional charges. However, if the agent or vendor is happy to continue as is, we will.  


Depending on the size of the property we will require 2-4 hours to film the property from start to finish.



We aim to deliver all videos within 24 hours or less.


If a property is large or edits are required delivery may take longer.


A downloadable link will be supplied via email with the full resolution video. You can share this with your client or download. This link will remain active for 3 months.


What are the costs?

Pricing may vary depending on distance and property size; however we always aim to keep costs flat where possible. For our entry level service prices start from £60. For Intermediate prices start from £120. For advanced prices start at £200.


All prices include:

  • Equipment (4K Camera, Gimbal, Sliders and Microphones)

  • Editing (including music)

  • Travel up to 5 miles

  • Insurance (accidental and public liability up to £15million)

  • Secured server for video storage


Do you offer Price Breaks?

We offer price breaks on multiple properties and combined services including property photography.


Do you charge more for commercial?

Our prices are based on time, not value or type. Based on a properties square meter, rooms and key features, we will work on a time for completion and base our prices on that. Provide our teams with the most accurate information for the best possible price.


Can You Film Our Agent?

Yes, we can! We have professional lighting and microphones to record your agents to add value to your videos.


Can You Use Drones?

Yes, we can. We can take to the skies and add high level video content. We recommend adding this to our advanced packages to get the best results.


Can You Offer 3D Mapping?

Yes, we can! We recommend adding this to our advanced packages to get the best results.


Are you ready to up your property game with professional video?

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